Where have all the Salmon Gone? Smart Catch Knows.

That wild salmon populations are disappearing can no longer be ignored. It’s my passion to save salmon for future generations, not just so we can serve it to our guests at Duke’s, but because it is the treasure of the Pacific Northwest.

This post is not going to preach to you or spew out fact after fact. Instead, I want to celebrate salmon and ask you to help by checking out SmartCatch.com and make a pledge to only eat salmon caught sustainably. SmartCatch is an amazing resource that provides information to consumers about their food choices and works with chefs to create sustainable seafood options for their customers.

According to SmartCatch, “Currently, 90% of our fisheries are either fully fished or overfished, and since seafood provides the most important source of protein for many areas of the world, we need to pay greater attention to our choices. Collectively, we can change this trend toward declining stocks by making better choices about the fish we do and don’t eat. Through adopting better practices on the fishing and management side, coupled with making better choices as a consumer, these fisheries can bounce back. U.S. consumers buy the majority of their seafood from restaurants, so the more sustainably-sourced fish restaurants serve, the more sustainably-sourced seafood American consumers will purchase and consume.”

I am passionate about making sure that the fresh, quality ingredients I love are available for decades to come. My grandchildren and their grandchildren deserve access to quality food for their entire lives, and this includes seafood.

Learn more so you can make smarter dining choices and help preserve the precious seafood we all love and enjoy.

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