Sound Bites for Home Delivery

Our most popular items now delivered to your doorstep!

available for home delivery from locally-owned Sound Sustainable Farms!

Introducing Sound Bites, an exciting new partnership to deliver Duke’s ready-to-cook frozen food to your door from our friends at Sound Sustainable Farms. This is not pre-cooked food that you’d have to drop everything in order to eat. Instead, food delivered frozen that you can have on hand for menu planning. Your box can include:

  • Wild Copper River Coho salmon
  • Grass-fed sirloin burgers
  • Award-winning clam chowder
  • Double sourdough bread (made by The Essential Baking Co.)
  • Ready Anytime Seasoning – our very own spice blend

Ordering Sound Bites Duke’s Seafood boxes equals ordering the top-quality flavor of the Northwest.

  • Duke’s salmon is 100% wild from Alaska’s Copper River and offered at an amazing value
  • Duke’s sourdough isn’t available anywhere else. The Essential Baking Co. makes it just for us, to our specifications. Plus, the packaging is so airtight it keeps for 90 days!
  • Duke’s award-winning clam chowder isn’t available anywhere else
  • You’ll be the first to own our Duke’s Ready Anytime Seasoning – a spice blend that makes anything taste good
  • Sound Bites conducts contactless delivery for your safety and peace of mind, right to your doorstep
  • You’re supporting local farms, local workers, and Duke’s Seafood

You’ll also get cooking and storage instructions, including “in the kitchen” video snippets from our Executive Chef Bill Ranniger.

Delivery is currently limited to King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

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June 10, 2020
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