DukeWorthy Defined 

Everything on the menu has passed the “DukeWorthy” test, a word coined by a boat captain friend of mine many years ago on a fishing trip. He caught a Halibut that was too small, tossed it back and said, “that’s not DukeWorthy.” It stuck, and it helps define everything we do. If you eat at Duke’s, you can be assured of it . . . and here is what it means.

  • DukeWorthy = Sustainable (Smart Catch Article)
  • DukeWorthy = Fresh
  • DukeWorthy = Locally grown and harvested 
  • DukeWorthy = Cage-free, fresh frozen chicken (Link To Article)
  • DukeWorthy = Wild salmon and Halibut, frozen at the source (Link To Article)
  • DukeWorthy = Humane
  • DukeWorthy = Wholesome ingredients
  • DukeWorthy = Best practices (Sustainable Salmon Article)
  • DukeWorthy = Treating customers right
  • DukeWorthy = Wild Bill’s amazing preparation 
  • DukeWorthy = Grass-fed Australian beef 
  • DukeWorthy = The best ice cream ever (Link To Article)
  • DukeWorthy = Melt in your mouth sourdough bread (Link To Article)
  • DukeWorthy = No sodium nitrate, aspartame, or food-laced chemicals in our kitchens
  • DukeWorthy = Only local dairy products from local, farmer-owned Darigold
  • DukeWorthy = Respect for our loyal customers of the past 40+ years
  • DukeWorthy = Pacific Northwest ethos; this is our home
February 1, 2018
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