A Match Made in (grass-fed) Heaven

A beef disaster becomes a delicious quest

Here at Duke’s Seafood, you know we only serve the best: from our sustainable seafood, to blending our own spices, to buying local and organic produce whenever possible.

Due to changes in our supply chain, our imported grass-fed beef was becoming harder and harder to get into our kitchens, so we embarked on a quest to find a replacement. Could we find a local ranch with a grass-fed beef program?

We reached out to dozens of cattle ranchers. We needed burgers and steaks that were 100% grass-fed and tasted great, but we ALSO wanted to partner with a ranch that treated its animals humanely, didn’t taint them with antibiotics, and were excellent environmental stewards.

For a cattle operation, that’s a tall order!

But after months of searching and interviewing, we connected with The Royal Ranch, located in Royal City, Washington, a little town east of Vantage. “Come on out for a visit,” owner Justin Allred said. “It’s better if we show you what we do.”

Several weeks ago, the “heavies” at Duke’s went for a tour of the ranch, and guess what? Not only do their burgers taste amazing, but they are also a completely sustainable cattle ranch with a “carbon negative” footprint. They grow their own feed and use state-of-the-art waste recycling. Their cows roam on over 1,000 acres, spending their days being cows.

It’s a family-run ranch several generations in the making, and they’re as committed to sustainable farming as they are caring for their animals. In essence, they are a perfect match for Duke’s, where we are just as committed to serving you only the highest quality.

Our Executive Chef Bill Ranniger put it this way: “If Duke’s ran a cattle ranch, we’d do it just like this.” But the best part is the amazing taste: juicy, tender, and packed with flavor. Join us at Duke’s Seafood and give this amazing burger a try.

October 12, 2021
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