Brand-new pathogen-filtering systems installed in all 7 Duke’s locations

Pardon us while we geek out…

Over the past several weeks, we’ve installed additional air filtering systems in all 7 of our restaurants. These systems effectively kill airborne coronavirus particles.

The process uses needlepoint bipolar ionization, or NPBI™, and is the same system installed in the White House, Google, Amelia Arena, the Phoenix airport, the Mayo Clinic, Ramstein Air Force Base, Harvard University, dozens of hospitals, and many other notable locations.

Most viruses and other particles in the air are too tiny to filter completely using a regular HVAC system. Needlepoint bipolar ionization (NPBI™) strips them of the hydrogen they need to survive, which not only deactivates them, but makes them big enough (think of snowflakes clumping together to form a snowball) to be filtered.

The process mimics the way our planet creates ions with lightning, waterfalls, and ocean waves. Ions are nature’s way of cleaning the air naturally. The biggest difference with NPBI™ technology is that doesn’t create harmful byproducts like ozone.

A laboratory test completed of a closed room infected with coronavirus particles showed that within 30 minutes of ionization, the coronavirus pathogens had been reduced by 99.4%.

Now that all NPBI™systems are in place, all fresh air entering through our vents and ducts for circulation at Duke’s will have been ionized, meaning any virus, bacteria, particles, and even odors will have been removed.

Air entering from open doors and windows immediately comes in contact with the ions circulating through the room, neutralizing any pathogens, particles, or odors.

Normal HVAC systems are not designed to filter particles other than dust and pollen. So when we discovered a technology that goes above and beyond the required levels of air filtering, we knew we had to have it.  

We’ve invested $20,000 in this technology because it provides the cleanest air, free of pathogens, without creating harmful byproducts.

And the best news? It operates silently, invisibly, so you can sit back and relax so we can take care of you.

When you’re ready, come join us!

July 31, 2020
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